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Imagine jumping out of your seat while experiencing “Krystin’s Hunger” in theaters! Imagine loving each and every episode of “My Glass Heart”! Imagine playing as Emery on your favorite gaming device! Support the awesome, awe-inspiring, unusual works of the Beau Noir Universe. Your amazing, appreciated contribution will satisfy Krystin’s hunger, fortify Glass’ heart, succeed with Tameer, blossom with Emery, and triumph with Elles! Help me entertain you.


Krystin’s Hunger

Krystin and her dying son, Simon, live alone. Laughter and creaking floorboards echo at odd hours. Krystin pretends to ignore them. She can’t hide what she’s done. The little, disfigured man who lurks in the shadows knows it all. Who is he? What is he? Simon slowly fades in and out of consciousness. Krystin sets the table. She’ll be damned if she misses this meal before her cursed estate goes up in flames. End the starvation and support Krystin’s Hunger!


My Glass Heart

A space expedition ended in catastrophe. All eight passengers were pronounced dead during a live broadcast. Their rocket ship exploded upon reentry; however, the televised event couldn’t be further from the truth… Your support can keep Glass from shattering. **Spoiler: No, it can’t. ( -_-)** Can’t support the Glass? Then give her exposure! Help Glass share her shattering heart!


Caleb’s Children

They say evil can take many forms, but where does it come from? Who defined it? And, why has it been able to thrive? One man has a hunch. If he can find the answers, maybe he can remove the veil shrouding his wife's disappearance, and a series of unfortunate coincidences. Unsettling images of a dark entity are heavily scribbled in indecipherable leather books, abandoned settlements and caves dating as far back as 500 BC. Who, or what, is Caleb and what has he done with Tameer's family?


The Cloak of Nothing: Emery and the Exiled King

“The Cloak of Nothing: Emery and the Exiled King” will be posted in novel format every Monday and Friday at 5:00 p.m. (Arizona) MST/ 7:00 p.m. EST, with occasional chapter releases in between. Support the cloak and the rest of the BNRM Universe! Share, like, follow and subscribe!


Children of Divinity

Myths tell of a woman whose face launched 1000 ships. A note to Elles says it will happen again. Following the death of the Exiled King, a premonition compelled the cursed boy to leave her a note. He wept crimson tears for Earthen-man’s fate. Elles plays the violin on her wrists. Can she end the catastrophe before it occurs?Like Children of Divinity? Your support will go a long way in making sure Elles upholds her promise.


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