About Tony’s Mark Blog Posts

This blog is just a space to speak freely while putting myself and my work out there. Topics will vary from general ideas to short stories and excerpts of my works.

As far as any of the content goes, feel free to comment/add to one of my posts, and also reply to someone else who chooses to do so. Say whatever you want, don’t worry about being “correct,” but do be respectful. If  discussions arise, then cool; hopefully I can join in.

If you have any questions for me, shoot em’ and I’ll respond whenever I can.

I don’t care about formalities or conventional social norms, but I do care about basic human rights and respect. My opinions may be contradictory, illogical, and downright absurd, and most times I’m completely aware of this, and consciously choose to be wrong because it feels right. For example, “Good food tastes yellow,” or “(insert authority) has no power over me.”

I respect:

honest rebelliousness
authentic belligerence
and creativity

***The ability to freely give all of the above***

I find that people who are incapable of the aforementioned resort to sarcasm, regurgitating secondhand information, and book smarts to shield their ignorance and insecurity, rather than expressing what they believe in their gut. It’s like “the good cook” that always follows a recipe, but can’t freestyle something decent without building on a recipe they already know, because they don’t trust themselves or their own ability.

That said, my opinions and my method for digesting facts is a mixture of deductive reasoning and irrational paranoia over what the facts may have left out; I take most things at face value, and have a belief that knowledge in and of itself is more intuitive than logical. My posts and creative work will reflect this, just as a warning to certain personality types.



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