I’m not very big on talking about myself, so  this might read very awkwardly, pretentious, arrogant, over-maybe even under-whelming and downright self-centered, but I suppose that’s the nature of expressing details about a person’s own existence; just bear with me.

I’m 26 (born May 1990). I was a METOC Analyst in the Marine Corps (’08-’13) and have worked at Del Taco (’06-’07), Disneyland (’07-’08), Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory (’08), Mercedes-Benz (’15),  and BMW (’16). I have a BA in Communications, with a minor in Digital Humanities (’14-’15) and I’m wrapping up my MBA in Entrepreneurship (’16-’17). I am creating my own company. I learned a lot as an employ, and don’t dislike the places I have worked for; the problem I wrestled with was that I worked for them, they didn’t work for me. That isn’t the kind of life I want to lead or pass on to my children.

Additional nonsense: Explored a tiny bit of the world and have been in two serious relationships (still in the second, and hopefully the last). I’ve had more flings than I can count, and developed a pretty good way of reading people. I put out a bar fire once lol , been mauled by a dog, held at gunpoint, and knife point, and have had the good fortune of being involved in a bunch of other unscrupulous things, so I’m not really surprised by much. I’m easily put-off in a room full of inauthentic people, and conformists who believe everything they read, and find talking about topics with no substance entertaining. I trust my gut 100% and try to incorporate logic into my actions as much as possible, but there’s an intuitive aspect to life that no amount of friends, mentors, job experience, books and schooling can teach you.  To a certain degree, I believe everything is connected by an inexplicable series of metaphysical strings (maybe god, but Idk); everything has a loosely predetermined existence in constant flux due to the collective decisions made at any given moment (kind of like a butterfly effect). I respect religion as a tool to give someone strength in troubling times, but I don’t respect relig-oholics; god exists, but every religion is a man made tool to give humankind more order, like the standard societal view of friendship, and the concept of a “career”. I think people innaccurately use their social circles, and career paths to define them, because accepting that we are nothing that will return to nothing is a terrifying idea. I mean this as pessimistic thing. And, I’m by no means suggesting I’m enlightened as I would do anything to preserve my existence as knee-jerk reaction, and I’m as ignorant and petty as anyone else; but, I think there’s something to be said about people that understand themselves.  I don’t we understand anything, tbh. I also held a secret clearance, did some pretty cool stuff and have a certificate of commendation for work in South Korea. Certified marksmanship coach. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

I’m an author, entrepreneur and an otaku. Here’s a link to my company’s website: beaunoirmedia.com and the site for my first novel thecloakofnothing.com . As I complete my works, and become more proficient in programming, I will update them. My media company will have its own games, animations, films, books, illustrations and forum. Check out the about section on the site if you’re interested.

I speak conversational German, French, Japanese (enough to introduce myself, small chat, ask for food and directions). I’m fluent in English and Spanish.

That’s pretty much it.