Draw us in pink, my child.

Maurice pressed the hammer to Ivan's nose. "I could.  I've done it before." He spat on Ivan’s coat. “How dare you embarrass me! My name! I built this company! You work for me!” Maurice leaned in, locking eyes with Ivan. “I own you!” Ivan rocked back and forth, rattling the chains. Duct tape made it … Continue reading Draw us in pink, my child.

My Glass Heart when the Sky Opened

"There were eight of us that day.  Our mission was simple. Our ship separated into three parts to stage an explosion that would go down in history as the biggest failure in American history, due to multiple reasons.  Mainly rubber gaskets," Erin pauses. His eyes examine Glass's uncanny beauty. Her long flowing hair and piercing … Continue reading My Glass Heart when the Sky Opened

The Game of Fate: Food and Fornication

Chapter 3: I didn't come here for that. Sweat trickles down Kal's neck. His heart palpitates with each knock. "She's here," he sighs. "So sweaty, mon ami," Elles says, confidently letting herself in. She examines Kalcyphir's spotless apartment. Lavender and spices serenade Elles' nostrils, while her bags are laid to rest near the front door. … Continue reading The Game of Fate: Food and Fornication

The Game of Fate: I die every time we say goodbye.

Chapter 2:      Spirited Awakening Elles scrambles through her phone as the Uber driver tries to make small talk. She nods and responds with giggles and ah's, hmm's, and oh's. "Humans," she thinks to herself adjusting her revealing top, smirking when the driver's eyes scan her through the rear view mirror. She texts Kalcyphir:                        Where … Continue reading The Game of Fate: I die every time we say goodbye.

The Game of Fate

Chapter 1: The Last Cloak Bearer       Elles places Emery's letter down. She leans back on her couch and exhales a thick white smoke. "C'est la vie," she says to herself. Colors intensify; the constant ringing in her ears hasn't ceased since the reformation of existence several weeks ago. Bubbles in the ceiling … Continue reading The Game of Fate

The Dream Eater

Lars nodded. "Then, we crush the heads an' scoop the remaining soft meat from the bone." His large iron hat resembled a cauldron with horns; in the center was an emblem that read, "Somnia Comendenti." He clasped his hands, popping the knuckles protruding from the base of his thumbs. Flashing a smile, Lars cleared his … Continue reading The Dream Eater

My Glass Heart

Water exhaled fog into the bay.  Glass stared off into the distance, illuminating the sleeping sailors of bone and ash. For centuries they had been preserved over their frozen vessels; how and when they reached the secluded fjord was still a mystery to her. Their mangled faces made her wonder about the world beyond the … Continue reading My Glass Heart