Children of Divinity Chapter 1

"Children of Divinity" is available for your reading pleasure, just click the link! ( ^_^) Follow The Cloak of Nothing : Emery and the Exiled KingĀ  every Monday and Friday at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST. Find out how the Beau Noir Universe is connected. Check out amazing stories on my official website: ! Learn … Continue reading Children of Divinity Chapter 1


Children of Divinity: The Book of Elles

Elles, I know everything; I know about you, Cassandra, Amadeus, Peltheus, Archimedes, Persephone, Hera, Naji, Sutarumo, all of the Divines and the Earthen deities. I know about Caleb and his children. Kanti and I also met the Keepers. Abyss Walker Kcaj introduced me to my father. You were right about him, and you were right … Continue reading Children of Divinity: The Book of Elles